Introduction to the Works Council Act

The scope of the (WCA) stretches to all enterprises established on Dutch soil, irrespective of the nationality of the entrepreneur or the group of enterprises it is part of.

The Works Council (WC) is an internal body representing employees, and has consultation rights in respect of certain significant proposed management decisions and approval rights in respects of intended decisions regarding certain employment policies.
This course is aimed at English-speaking members of WC. The goal for the course is to get acquainted with the rules of the WCA and the practical application thereof.
The topics in this course include the most important rights, obligations and responsibilities of the WCA. 
During the course day theoretical information will be interchanged with practical exercises.
It is a day course price € 380,-- per participant which includes lunch, coffee and tea during the day.  The course wil be held in a location in Amsterdam. 
Minimum participants: five persons. Click here for the program
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Begin: 15-06-2021 09:30
Einde: 15-06-2021 16:30
Uiterste datum 01-06-2021
Prijs €390.00
Lokatie Aristo Meeting Center Amsterdam